4166com金沙学术讲座: 李秋劼:Using Learning Analytics to Support Self-regulated Learning in Online Courses (利用学习分析技术支持在线自主学习)



题目:Using Learning Analytics to Support Self-regulated Learning in Online Courses (利用学习分析技术支持在线自主学习)



 讲: 李秋劼 博士





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The ability to regulate one’s learning is essential for success in online courses. Clickstream data, the detailed and real-time record of students’ interaction with the online platforms, provide new opportunities to measure, understand, and support students’ self-regulation in virtual learning. Recent efforts have used clickstream data to create timely, fine-grained, and comprehensive measures of self-regulated learning (SRL) behaviors in online courses in an attempt to shed light on the process of SRL and to improve the identification of students who lack SRL skills and are at risk of low achievement. Studies have also attempted to support students’ self-regulation in virtual learning environments using the clickstream data to provide students with learning analytics on their behaviors. However, key questions remain: to what extent do these clickstream measures correspond to traditional self-reported measures about specific SRL constructs? How effective are learning analytics interventions on student learning process and performance outcomes and what are the operating mechanisms? In this talk, I will discuss two studies that attempted to answer these questions. The first study used the clickstream data collected from Canvas to measure two aspects of SRL (i.e., time management and effort regulation) and triangulated clickstream measures with student self-reported data from before and after the course. The second study tested the effect of one learning analytics intervention on student outcomes and verified a proposed mechanism through a randomized controlled trial in a large online undergraduate course.

报告人简介:李秋劼,加州尔湾大学分校博士后研究员,加州大学欧文分校教育学博士,此前分别获得北京师范大学教育技术学硕士和学士学位。主要研究方向包括:高等教育阶段在线教学的效果评估与提升等议题。她的研究先后在The Internet and Higher Education、Computers and Education、Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis、Motivation and Emotion、Research in Higher Education、International Conference on Educational Data Mining, International Conference on Learning Analytics and Knowledge等杂志和会议上发表。